An Overdue Update

My apologies for being so quiet on my blog recently, unfortunately life just sort of took over a little!

Back in February I took a rather unplanned break in my PhD to take up a fantastic opportunity to work at an anatomy laboratory. It was supposed to just be a couple of months – the plan was to earn a bit of money towards my fees, improve my knowledge of anatomy, and hopefully use the knowledge to put back into my work on mortuary practices.

But those “couple of months” turned into about six months. Don’t get me wrong, I had the most amazing time and I learned so much, but if I’d known I might have tried to tie up the loose ends before I went! I left with only a couple of days notice – just downed my books, notes, papers, etc. and thought it would be easy to pick back up in a few weeks time. That didn’t happen, and after so long away I had to try and work out what on earth my terrible scribbles were about. Luckily I have these guys to help me out…

With a little help from some friends...

With a little help from some friends…

Although I missed being able to spend so much time on my PhD I gained some invaluable skills and learned a lot about anatomy which will be incredibly useful throughout my PhD. I absolutely loved working in the lab – I loved the people, I loved the work, and I liked the environment of the laboratory. I must admit I kind of liked the scrubs too – although I quickly learned of the danger of wandering into main area of the hospital with scrubs on!

One of the best ways to get back into my PhD was to go on a trip with CAHO to France to look at a variety of Palaeolithic sites. It was great to get to see some of the sites we have read so much about during our Masters – and it was great to get some of the old Masters group back together!

A quick picture from Le Moustier, France.

A quick picture from Le Moustier, France.

Unfortunately after so much time out it took me a little while to get back into things, but now I finally feel like I’m back. I’ve got my little study all set up – complete with a paper skeleton to keep me company (blog post to follow on him!) – and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my first experience of teaching with a group of Lifelong Learning students (evening modules to members of the public), and I’m planning more for the future.

So I will endeavour to post more in future – so stay with me, and watch this space!

What do you think?

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